Friday, 9 January 2009

Unilateral - Unilateral (Musiques Hybrides 9)

Another one from the French-Guy-Who-Did-One-Really-Good-Hardcore-Record-In-Bizarre-Circumstances vaults. Leonard De Leonard, as far as one can tell, is a bit of a maverick, and this label seems to deal with just about every genre imaginable. A brief glance at Discogs, his house, techno and 'illbient' releases might lead you to think that an attempt to do music of a more intense nature would result in a clichéd and uninformed product. But amazingly, the end result is a very cohesive and authentic record. Filthy and screechy enough to sit among the more severe French artists, with a strong enough sense of rhythm and occasional hip-hop references to comfortably slip into a Deathchant-esque set with. There's even a very nice and strange minimal breakcore-ish track thrown in for good measure.

A1 Quand Ça Démage (5:16)
A2 Encore (6:19)
B Poulaxx (8:52)


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