Thursday, 18 December 2008

LZ131 - Untitled (Zeppelin MZM4120)

More of the same....well, that's not true. This is more drum machine/distortion territory, ranging from buzzy electro to somaticsian cold synths and 190bpm breaks.

(To save myself typing, it's 5 Untitled tracks.)

Check Discogs, if you don't believe me.

And download.

LZ132 - Untitled (Schweiz Records 02)

Ralf Endrass and Christian Treuter bring together afro-cuban jazz, industrial, house, dub and all sorts of other nonsense on their releases, and in the mid-90s produced a series of records numbered LZ129-132, this obviously being the last. Side A is 26 minutes of pretty relentless power electronics, while the flip could have been written by Laurent Garnier, with its jazzy synth solos and all, it's actually quite enjoyable.

A Zukunft/The Future (25:52)
B Untitled (8:52)


Cosmics - Vol. 1 (Vision 31)

Instrumental industrial breakbeats by Knut Remond of 16-17/Voice Crack, in the vein of Mark Stewart.

A1 Ghettomix (2:50)
A2 Bluietta (6:54)
B1 Sitting Bull (6:21)
B2 Hard Jive (4:45)


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Richard Devine - Polymorphic (Six Sixty Six 03)

Debut release from the soon-to-become sound design guru, Korg consultant, about 50 other jobs and occasional musician. As with all SSS records, this is pretty much as severe a work as Devine has done.

B2 Was not only heavily sampled by Angel Flo on S.O.D.O.M 007, but also by Unibomber on Distort 1, if memory serves me right.

A1 Refractor (7:01)
A2 Metalloid (6:07)
B1 Moving Plexor (6:02)
B2 Nekteric (6:32)


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Erase Head - Dome (Anticore 02)

This blog isn't normally a place for superlatives or hyperbole, but this is an absolute masterpiece from Poka Michelson. As with most of her output at the time, it's more akin to some of SPK's early hardcore-sounding gear than any actual hardcore at the time(or even since then). The mood shifts at the drop of a hat, with layered collages of atmospherics, treated vocals and what sounds like about 38 abused EMS VCS3s coming and going in the blink of an eye with scant regard for continuity.

She(and her sister Stella, who will feature on the blog at some point too) has a flair for both the demonic and the absurd, and both sisters' work has a tension and energy unparallelled in most 'extreme' music. They demand respect on their own musical merits, neither exploiting or being held back by gender, and without ego or loud faux-punk 'attitude'. There is a false belief that in this area of music there are almost no women operating, but the truth is that, just like all musicians, the best ones tend not to be self-publicists.

Anyone who has wandered onto this page from any of the industrial themed blogspot sites would do well to look more into these two.

Anyway that's enough gushing, the tone of the next post will be back to it's usual stoic curatorship.

A1 Dome (6:33)
A2 Pussy Cat (7:52)
B1 Dead (4:50)
B2 Terzorg (6:13)


PS: Terzorg also accidentally ended up on Axe Breaker by Curley. It was also pressed much slower than it is here.

Ingler - Reboot System (Psychik Genocide 02)

This is the record that for some reason Audiogenic don't want you to hear. If you go to the PKG site, there is at least one audio clip for every record except number 02. Maybe it's some private issue with Ingler or Xol Dog 400, or maybe it's because it's the only EP out of nearly 40 of real unbridled invention.

Main Damage is the only track that sounds like PKG at the time, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lectune is very out there, very monotonous and psychedelic. Both tracks on the flip are some of Inglers most ferocious, B2 even employing some NKJE style cover-all distortion to neat effect.

A1 Main Damage [feat. Xol Dog 400] (4:25)
A2 Lectune (5:38)
B1 Minor (4:10)
B2 Otoctone (5:08)


Fast Forward - Bhopal (Rouge De Colere 02)

This was the first(I think) release by the french metal/industrial/speedcore 'band'. It's a rare thing to hear hardcore with actual guitars and the like, in an environment where producers thought nothing of lifting Slayer riffs and putting a kick under it. I'm not overly familiar with FF's later releases on Epileptik and elsewhere, but from memory this is probably one of their better efforts.

A1 Bhopal (5:28)
A2 Minamata (4:47)
B1 Los Leaques (3:40)
B2 Seveso (4:09)
B3 Digital Mayhem (0:25)


NOTE: Now uploading on Sendspace instead of Rapidshare, since they've got a 10 download limit all of a sudden.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hekate - I Hate Flesh (New Skin 002)

Classy old Dan Hekate record from a while back, judging by the run-out it's also a tribute of sorts to Headcleaner. All tracks are rigid but fragmented distorted electro somewhat in the vein of ADC and the like.

A1 H.C (5:28)
A2 Feed Me (3:41)
B1 Second Hex (3:41)
B2 Silver Plate (3:05)
B3 Collapse (3:29)


Metic - Elektrik Convulsive Treatment (AIR 3010)

97 Release by Brandon Spivey on the Dead Silence(who are now apparently touring with Primal Scream, if you can believe it) imprint. There's one vaguely electro track in among a whole EP of syrupy, bad glue-trip acidic hardcore. Not DJ-friendly, not pleasant and certainly not what the old Chicago lads would call humane use of a 303.

(All track times are based on the firm assurance from Helicopterface that it is ripped on the right speed, even though at times it doesn't sound it)

A1 Glory To The Father (4:15)
A2 Ativan (4:01)
B1 Testing Testing (4:03)
B2 Train Damage (3:20)
B3 Glory To The Father (Freak Is Innocent Mix) (3:37)


Monday, 27 October 2008

VDD Energise - The Return (Hardisk 02)

A rather overlooked record from 2001 by DJ Valium(We should call him Valyom now thanks to some drug overlord or other taking issue with the name). 4 really earthy, meaty live acidic tracks, awash with shrillness and crunching percussion and the like. Ripped by Helicopterface again.

A1 Crazy Amazones (6:26)
A2 Rebirth Of Change (5:15)
B1 707 (3:48)
B2 Ex-Titanic (4:48)

Also, I just found this nice video footage of him recording his Six Sixty Six EP in Total Output's studio. He also has a bunch of other clips of himself and a few others on his channel there, including a clip of Jeff Mills' first gig in Belgium in 1994.



Thursday, 16 October 2008

Trauma - Abreaction (Intraveineuse 03)

Intraveineuse is part of the big Caen-based Alcaloide/Kryzalide nexus, whose various labels range from pretty gritty stuff to 'techno'(Which, being French, would imply Hardtek), to your bogstandard 'Frenchcore'. This release is somewhere between the three. One side mid-speed kick-propelled numbers with some stock atmospherics, the other side has one 'Doomcore'(Aren't we throwing around the -core suffix today?), and some sort of sparse amen-break electro piece. It's not a big favourite, due to a couple of very easily recognisable kicks, but still of interest.

A1 Big Break Induction (6:12)
A2 Ford's Syndrome (6:05)
B1 Audicore (6:11)
B2 Destructions-trieb (5:55)



Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Caleb Temple - Inter Sect (Zero Tolerance 006)

Zero Tolerance(as far as I can gather) was related to the VFM/Dead By Dawn(Both of which you can read a little about Here ) parties, and featured music by people associated with both nights. Not sure if Caleb Temple is a pseudonym of Warlock, Lorenz Attractor or Heist, or a completely different person, but if one was to make an ill-informed guess, one would say it was perhaps at least in part by Lorenz Attractor.

3 fairly diverse takes on acid techno, the A side sounding like a slightly more sophisticated early Liberator track, getting increasingly driving and mechanical on the flip.

a Inter Sect (8:23)
b1 Tentacle (3:41)
b2 Flytrap (6:13)


Sunday, 12 October 2008

UHT/Saoulaterre - Ultra Annoying Rec Vol 3

Cavage figureheads go for a loosely Koney-esque outing on this Progerik sublabel. Lots of layered and ring-modulated kickdrums, slightly fragmented rhythms and and the occasional surreal hook thrown in for good measure. Thanks again to Helicopterface, who has now almost put as much into this blog as I have. I need to get the finger out....

All tracks Untitled.



Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eradicator - Agitprop (Fischkopf 014)

Ripped out of absolute necessity, seeing as the only other rip doing the rounds is inexplicably overdriven and, even less explicably, on 45rpm. My copy isn't in the best condition but my turntable does have a 33 button, so I guess I win this one.

This is from 1996, by the obscenely prolific and diverse Patric Krämer, AKA E-De Cologne, Test Tube Kid, EC8OR, and about 15 other alaises and collaborations. The whole proverbial gamut is run from guitar driven speedcore(including the blatant Lard rip), sinister soundscapes, never-ending ear piercing squeals and the occasional stock gabber synth, old TV/film sample, and silly little bleeps. Pretty much everything you'd expect from mid-90s Krämer all in one, all smeared over with a(sometimes extremely)lo-fi finish. Some lovely Gilbert & George rip-off artwork too, of which you can only see one side of on discogs, but I could have a scanner soon to do the rest.

PS: Track D4 co-produced by DIN.
PPS: Typo on Track C2 is as is on the sleeve.

A1 Used Against Us Remix (5:22)
A2 Distorted (7:48)
A3 Agitprop Troop (2:29)
B1 Enter Three Witches (7:08)
B2 Impulse To Destroy (8:58)
C1 Split Wide Open (4:00)
C2 You're Lieing Pig (5:00)
C3 Worringen (5:42)
D1 Fucking Bitch Called Walker (4:22)
D2 Forkboy (3:04)
D3 Widerstand (2:52)
D4 Thou Shall Kill (3:39)


Sunday, 5 October 2008

Electric Noise Twist - The Electric Noise Twist (Vision 23)

Shrill and bass-heavy industrial/jazz from Markus Kneubühler and Alex Buess(both of 16-17, the latter also of God, Ice and Phantom City), and also a young Christoph Fringeli. The following words are pilfered from this EST review archive:

"For me at least, this label helps to define a new genre. This album, recorded in 1989 by a trio consisting of label supremos Christoph Fringeli and Alex Buess, along with Markus Knuhbühler, marks an angular collision of jazz, rock and hardbeat music, if such a thing can be imagined. If industrial jazz didn't exist before, then it does now! Heart-pumping drumbeats underlie fuzzy blares of noise, mixing influences from rock bass through to screaming jazz sax. The best moment comes with Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my image track? which mixes the noise, drums and almost John Zorn-styled sax very well. Some of the other tracks either lack a powerful enough or fast enough beat to really shift things along, or suffer from the general shapelessness that plagues a lot of improvised jazz. The idea's a great one: blaring sax and/or clarinet across a powerful boombeat sounds great, but this album really only has the noise without the get-up-and-go to propel it forward quickly enough. Interesting stuff which is worth a listen, even if it doesn't quite reach the target it seems to have set itself. ENT are hoping to start playing live extensively this year."

Cheers to Helicopterface again.

A1 My Trigger Fingers Itching
A2 Who The Fuck Are You And What Are You Doing In My Image Track
A3 Slaughter
A4 Choose Alienation
A5 C.A.Dub
B1 Media Assassin
B2 Twisted Hubbub N Din
B3 Synchronise Your Castor Oil Will You?
B4 Tell Laura I Love My Blue Heaven
B5 Time To Squeeze Out The Welchers



Monday, 29 September 2008

XMF - Live @ Trolleybus, Marseille 1998

Live set from the French duo(featuring a young Michel Amato AKA The Hacker). Mainly featuring slight variations on their self-released EPs, as well as their infamous track onEpiteth 7, and I'm assuming a couple of never released tracks.

Despite the relative fame to come for The Hacker, and the fact the aesthetic and attitude inherent in their work helped pave the way for the plasticised 'industrial' Dutch gabber of the past 5 years or so, XMF(Like so many Epiteth artists-with the exception of Micropoint) tend not to get the recognition they deserve. The bulk of their productions manage to be both slick and abrasive, a balance which in modern hardcore has been long lost due to a combination of music software, and lazy producers with a fascistic loyalty to that godawful Psychik Genocide kickdrum. Or more accurately, a fascistic loyalty to being really shit. Anyway enjoy the set.

PS - This was 'sourced' elsewhere, it's not an official release and i've no idea who ripped it.


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Further Individual Control - Essential Concepts (Acid Assault 06)

Another Lasse Steen alias from way back before he took the aforemtnioned "hard uplifting trance" route, on Nukleuz Records. This record is on more of a tense, psychedelic(and dare I say, trance-like) acid note, more typical of Steen than the previous post. Cheers to Helicopterface again for supplying the rip.

A1 - Little Old Lady Who (7:53)
A2 - First Essential Break (1:17)
A3 - Possession Mode (6:50)
B1 - Deo-compressed (5:01)
B2 - Second Essential Break (1:10)
B3 - Thin Wallz (7:23)


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Senical - Hazard Units Part 1 (Six Sixty Six 008)

5 Tracker on Drop Bass Network's noisier sublabel by Lasse Steen, formerly a prolific acid and hardcore producer, currently a guy making 'uplifting hard trance' on Nukleuz.

He's making 'uplifting hard trance'. On Nukleuz Records, no less.

(It needed saying twice.)

Senical is his screeching, broken rhythmed and slightly less acidic alias, and Hazard Units is perhaps Senical at its most brutal.

Even more unbelievable is that he released another Senical record just two years ago. Although that seems to have been a record slated for release since the late 90s, so it's safe to say that he'll be sticking rigidly to his 'uplifting hard trance' material from now on.

On Nukleuz Records.

That's Lasse Steen, 'uplifting hard trance' guru, on Nukleuz Records. Download and enjoy.

A1 - Nutz R Uz (4:51)
A2 - Binh (4:30)
B1 - Piratos (3:21)
B2 - Suffer (4:28)
B3 - Fall Out (4:29)


Download and prepare to be uplifted. Hard.

Various - Untitled (Sans Pitie 001)

4 Tracks featuring TR(Sarin Assault), Klaus Kombat, Son of Samael and Angel Flo on the rather expensive Sans Pitie label. Pretty notable for the huge difference in sound quality between tracks, ranging from very shrill on side A, to muddy and about 12dB quieter on B2(Sounds like it was cut from an 8khz .wav or something too). That track aside though, it's pretty enjoyable and relentless stuff.

A1 - TR & Klaus Kombat - Garde A Vue (6:10)
A2 - TR & Klaus Kombat - Massacre A La Famicom (6:31)
B1 - Son of Samael & Angel Flo - Total Carnage of Love (4:51)
B2 - Son of Samael - Blackout (5:54 minus a bit for the lockgroove)



Friday, 19 September 2008

DJ Freak - Alien Raves, Drug Crazed Rioters And Man Eating Machines E.P. (PTH 010)

This is one of the few DJ Freak records which hasn't yet been remastered and re-released, and also one of only 3 Epiteth records that was never re-issued. It's hard to say if there was an actual problem with the vinyl, as the grooves look unusually shallow and was completely unplayable on my own turntables(It was good fortune that I even decided to try it on a newer deck today and it seemed to play fine), or some other reason. The A-side is Freak on decent form with his trademark abrasive and excessively overdriven racket, while the flip side is one of his trademark anomalies, one filtering loop following a very difficult to gauge rhythm, ending in a lock(hence the fade-out).

A1 - Metropolis (4:31)
A2 - Test Plate (4:34)
B - Acid Head (5:28 minus a bit for the lockgroove)


Download Clips

PS, what's these 6 new Freak tests on Discogs? Anyone?

EDIT: Clips of this have been uploaded instead.

Gwakaï - Asociologik (Gwakaï 03)

Gwakaï consists of Pti Kaï of(now of Lenklume) and Gwash(of LeXpekor). This EP is somewhere between old Fist of Fury and No Name, utilizing unconventional kick drums and off-kilter rhythms. The tracks seem to have as much in common with early Cabs, Throbbing Gristle and the like, as anything else. The track names here could be some sort of dig at Epileptik Records, perhaps some personal issue, or something to do with their TV appearance where they allegedly took credit for creating the French hardcore scene. But that's just me speculating, it could very well mean nothing.

A1 - Industrialiptik (5:31)
A2 - Tarahumara (4:27)
B1 - Minimaliptik (Remix) (5:10)
B2 - Animaliptik (5:51)



Thursday, 18 September 2008

Eschaton and Amputate downloads

At the request of the distributor of these records, the mp3s have been re-uploaded as partial clips. Any future posts about UM-distributed records will also not be the complete tracks.

If anyone else has an issue with their records being downloadable here, get in touch and the links will be adjusted or removed as requested.

Also, it has been said that most or all of the tracks on these labels involved Hammer Damage, but that turned out to be untrue.

M.N.O & Radium - Untitled (S.O.D.O.M 004)

For those who aren't familiar with Slaves of Devil Our Master, it was a label run by Armaguet Nad in the mid 90s(a new EP by Nad & A.I.D.S. was released last year as well). All records are limited to 250 copies, with the exception of 10a, which was essentially a 'Best Of'. This is the going rate for this particular record, which is by no means the most expensive of the series(£250-300 for 002 and 005 is not unheard of).

The tracks are by a then on-form Radium, and MNO aka Naoto Suzuki. Both sides are pretty idiosyncratic for the time(See also Radium's 97/98 solo and Micropoint records and Suzuki's Drill A Hole Piledriver), with the exception of If You Eat My Damn, essentially a grindcore(my grasp on metal sub-sub genres is a bit slack, but you'll probably know what I mean) track.

A1 M.N.O - Silent Maternity (3:49)
A2 M.N.O - If You Eat My Damn (4:32)
B1 Radium - Narcotic Nightmare (6:00)
B2 Radium - Octopus Attack (4:56)


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Psimurgh - International Konection (Mental Action Direct 05)

As far as I can tell, this is the only none-dancefloor-friendly-hardcore release to come from Mental Action Direct. Psimurgh I'm guessing might be from California because of the 5lowershop connection, he's also played keyboards on a Nommo Ogo album. Bearing all this in mind, it's a very strange record in a pretty unusual context. The tracks are divided thus: two drum & bass, one breakcore and one pretty nice 300bpm hardcore, none of which seem to fit with the label at all.

Apologies for the crackling and noise here. It's been pretty well looked after over the years and has only had two(non-ketamine taking and non-free party attending)owners, but at points it still sounds worse than my first issue copy of Hunky Dory by David Bowie, which is at least 30 years older.

A1 - Ni Valle
A2 - Farihfelt
B1 - For Nantes Freetek Spektator's
B2 - Roptekwern's Shikro



The Deal, IMAO & Arcane - Untitled (Labyrinth 003)

Strange record which is essentially Fist Of Fury & La Peste indulging in some considerably lighter music than was expected of them in 1998. La Peste contributes a variation of Jubilation des Rustiques, Fist Of Fury provides some sort of precursor to his later Phantasm EP, There's an ambient track in there too, as well as a completely unjustifiable and inexplicable techno track, which personally I'm not too fond of.

Anyway thanks a lot to Helicopterface for providing the rip, there's a few more contributions fron other folk queued up, so they'll be fired up over the course of the week.

A1 Deal, The (2) - Raï-Tech (6:26)
A2 Deal, The (2) - Module Output Zero (2:11)
B1 IMAO - Paradoxical Jubilation (4:49)
B2 Arcane (2)- New Taste (3:57)



N.K.J.E - Untitled (Sans Pitie 002)

This is a five-tracker on Armaguet Nad and Klaus Combat's speedcore and noise label Sans Pitie. Given the other two N.K.J.E EPs were on HIV and Dead End, it could be a collaboration between Klaus, Nad and Sarin Assault, or any combination of the three. Massively overdriven stuff, which seems to have a weird effect on the stereo imaging when everything crunches together, especially on the first track.

This is a pretty highly lusted-after release, up there with S.O.D.O.M in terms of the huge prices paid for it(I was lucky enough to buy the first two Sans Pities for £2.50 each a few years ago!). Klaus Combat himself seems to be a bit of a mysterious figure, there is a live set of his doing the rounds which again has little information attached to it. So if anyone knows if he has a better-known pseudonym or knows what he's doing now, please let us know.

A1 - Near Krautzfeld-Jackob X-Periment
A2 - Abbatoir
B1 - Krautzfeld-Jakcob Is Dead(Typo from the actual record)
B2 - Vache Enragee
B3 - Transforme Toi



Monday, 15 September 2008

Perplex Barquettes - Snack Today (Bad Ming Tunes 0072)

3 tracks somewhere between speedcore and musique concrète from the aforementioned Michel Comte. If I read correctly, this release is made up entirely of recordings from a slaughterhouse, or something to that effect. Bad Ming Tunes is part of whatever it is that Gigabrother is supposed to be.

A - Holocaustic Vicious (4:24)
B1 - Raw Mars Wars (3:14)
B2 - Too Late (2:35)


Äz - In Search Of Riff & Raff (ACME 02)

Äz is short for Al Zheimer, one time La Peste collaborator, seems to be the guy behind Imachination Recordings, has produced work on Michel Comte's TNT Cosmos, and is therefore involved with the ludicrously mysterious and overly complicated Gigabrother "network", which also involves Taciturne. If anyone reading this can attempt to explain to me what the hell Gigabrother actually is or who's actually involved then I'd be pretty keen to hear it.

Anyway there's 4 tracks here with some weird HL21-esque organs all over it, and a cheeky Twilight Zone sample thrown in for (not necessarily) good measure.

A1 - 4 Dimensions
A2 - Opus Lakrimosa
B1 - Rave Du Cuivre
B2 - 4 Foots Underground



Sunday, 14 September 2008

Le Talium - "La Naissance du Talium" (MAST LTD 06)

Another debut from a French artist(and another white record with no info). A pretty bold debut at that, comprising of two shorter and pretty abstract pieces, one intense number in the vein of old DJ Freak/Noizecreator, and an entire side which is pretty slow and brooding, and built around a Pandit Pran Nath-esque drone. Le Talium is still active, most recently on No-Tek's Torsion Féconde compilation. Mars Assault seems to be defunct now, although they did manage to squeeze out over 20 records in the space of a few years, most famous of which were probably by John Dark and future Deathchanters Sammy & Bryan Fury.

Pretty fine old record all in all, interesting to see the focus and sense of direction present even in his early work.

As there's none on the record, the tracklisting is stolen from Discogs. I assume someone there knows what they're talking about.
A1 Break (1:51)
A2 Efficace Trash (6:27)
A3 Break Doll (1:02)
B1 Fragle Laugh (9:12)


Get it here

Motherlode - Motherlode (ESCHATON 001)

Apart from being released in 1997 and being a white 7" with almost no info on it, there's hardly anything on this artist or label online that I can find. Nonetheless it's good stuff. A side(untitled) is a pretty sparse and massively distorted offbeat number using an 808 and not much else. The B side(also untitled, no doubt causing huge confusion and riots at dinner parties) has a bit more of a bounce on it, both the kickdrum and squealing filtered white noise are reminiscent of Amputate Records, which I'm reliably informed Eschaton is somehow related to.

To clarify and stop all the arguing, the tracklist is:
A Untitled
B Untitled

Discogs info here

And telechargable clips here

EPC - Don't Want To Lose E.P (Fischkopf 024)

The first vinyl release from Brittany's Ronan Le Roux in 1997, and one of the last releases from Hamburg's Fischkopf. And possibly the most bizarre. A brutally lo-fi recording, laden with squealing and crunching percussion and a smattering of various computer files played as .wavs. Infectious Properties on the B-side is perhaps the only remotely DJ-friendly piece, but that aside it makes for interesting listening. This record stands as the first release from the Brittany producers, all of whom went on to produce several 12"s for Hangars Liquides.

Incidentally, judging by Discogs there seems to be a whole load of EPC CDrs and tapes coming to light. If anyone knows where to get a hold of these, please get in touch.

A1 R-624-2
A2 Where Do You Go?
B1 Infectious Properties
B2 Autoplasie

Info and photos here(To be honest I don't have a camera to take photos myself and I'm far too lazy to steal them)

And the release is here.


This page has been set up as an archive of rare, out of print and largely unheard hardcore techno vinyl and tapes of an experimental and/or industrial nature.

Anyone who wishes to contribute appropriate material, or can help provide information on any releases, labels or artists here, is more than welcome to do so. Enjoy!