Friday, 10 April 2009

News again

Apologies for the long hiatus, been busy between having a new job and sorting a lot of new releases myself, which will no doubt be coming to a less scrupulous blogspot site near you soon.

There's 2 new posts below, I'll get round to filling out the odd gaps in the S.O.D.O.M collection soon, and I'll have to get back onto my anonymous donors for more of the aforementioned endless supply of rips.

Also, a good amount of the older links will be out of date, so if anyone would like them re-uploaded just leave a comment and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Alternatively, go to the usual p2p place and you'll find someone with an Andomorph folder with most of those releases shared.

Attila & A.N.T.I - Hiérarshie (Kornog)

One-off limited 7" from the 'Brittany' team, laden with floowoorpy synths, chipmunked choppy uppy bits, whimsically structured and very unusual indeed. Both tracks are untitled.


Cytochrome C vs BWK - Yperite (HCN 0)

1998 release, 3 tracks apiece from Cytochrome C and DJ Brainkiller, very heavy on distortion and very strange all round, only one track you could really describe as mixable. All very good fun anyhow.

A1 Cytochrome C - Anarkose (4:13)
A2 Cytochrome C - 1984 (6:49)
A3 Cytochrome C - Sonate En Ré Mineur (4:03)
B1 BWK - Ariane Krash Test (6:02)
B2 BWK - Karnage (4:52)
B3 BWK - Deadly Kontakt (5:26)


Monday, 12 January 2009

SpeedyQ's & Armaguet Nad - Untitled(S.O.D.O.M 666)

SpeedyQ's side is a bit more akin to the music he's better known for, and the sound is a lot cleaner than his 002 tracks. Nad is way out on a limb, sounding more like EPC or Attila than usual.

A1 - SpeedyQ's - La Fille Du Diable(6:40)
A2 - SpeedyQ's - K226.L.N.B(5:54)
B1 - Armaguet Nad - Psychiatric Hospital(3:34)
B2 - Armaguet Nad - My Real World(4:22)


Armaguet Nad & Fist of Fury - Untitled(S.O.D.O.M 005)

This currently will set you back anything from £200 to £400, regardless of the condition. A1 and B1 are pretty standard fare for the respective artists, but all eyes are on Huuiirr, a relentless 2-part epic which has long been a staple of just about any DJ set of this kind.

A1 - Armaguet Nad - Kind of Felony(5:38)
A2 - Armaguet Nad - Hell is Industrial(4:20)
B1 - Fist of Fury - La Haine(4:51)
B2 - Fist of Fury - Huuiir(9:29)


Angel Flo & Armaguet Nad - Untitled(S.O.D.O.M 003)

The next one here is a bit less orthodox than the last. Angel Flo chips in two tracks which are more monotonous and abstract, one featuring the old non-.wav-played-as-.wav technique to vary things up a bit, the second one is very strange indeed, probably barely playable in a set due to its farty kick and general sparseness. Armaguet Nad is a bit more DJ friendly here, Martyr Killer being a personal favourite.

A1 - Angel Flo - Electric Coma(5:12)
A2 - Angel Flo - Organic Revolution(6:36)
B1 - Armaguet Nad - Martyr Killer(5:01)
B2 - Armaguet Nad - Cocacolaïne(8:54)


SpeedyQ's & Maxitrait - Untitled(S.O.D.O.M 002)

And so the big uploading sesh begins, starting off with all the remaining records from Slaves of Devil our Master(except 10a, which is a compilation, and 13 which is pretty new).

The first is arguably one of the most sought after, and was first introduced to many through the era defining DJ Freak @ Geneva tape. This is also a high point for both artists(Micropoint adopting a one-off pseudonym), seemingly saving their most uncompromising material for this EP.

A1 - SpeedyQ's - Hard Traxx(6:47)
A2 - SpeedyQ's - Boy Friend..!!?(7:07)
B1 - Maxitrait - Poëme Industriel(5:27)
B2 - Maxitrait - Serre Les Dents(5:37)