Monday, 12 January 2009

SpeedyQ's & Maxitrait - Untitled(S.O.D.O.M 002)

And so the big uploading sesh begins, starting off with all the remaining records from Slaves of Devil our Master(except 10a, which is a compilation, and 13 which is pretty new).

The first is arguably one of the most sought after, and was first introduced to many through the era defining DJ Freak @ Geneva tape. This is also a high point for both artists(Micropoint adopting a one-off pseudonym), seemingly saving their most uncompromising material for this EP.

A1 - SpeedyQ's - Hard Traxx(6:47)
A2 - SpeedyQ's - Boy Friend..!!?(7:07)
B1 - Maxitrait - Poƫme Industriel(5:27)
B2 - Maxitrait - Serre Les Dents(5:37)


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